UXO contamination will exist for generations to come. You can be a part of the solution. Here are some ways to become involved:

1. Educate yourself:
a. Read the Notes from the Field section of this website.
b. Read the 2004 study commissioned by MAG, HIB, and NPA titled Tampering: Deliberate handling and use of live ordnance in Cambodia. Research Supervisor: Richard Moyes. Available from MAG (http://www.mag.org.uk) HI-B (http://www.handicapinternational.be/) or NPA (http://www.npaid.org/).
c. Read Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon, and the Destruction of Cambodia, by William Shawcross (Simon and Schuster, 1979).
d. Talk about these documents with friends and family. Ask them to read them.

2. Consider directly supporting SpinFilm.org’s public outreach efforts here in the US regarding the effects of unexploded and abandoned ordnance on civilian populations. The production work of BOMBHUNTERS in Cambodia and Vietnam was funded in part by a Fulbright research grant, which in now complete. The editing and distribution of BOMBHUNTERS is currently reliant on private fundraising and events. There are a number of ways in which you can support our efforts to bring this issue to a broad domestic and international audience: a. Consider
making a monetary contribution. All donations will be directly applied towards the editing and marketing of BOMBHUNTERS.
b. We welcome innovative labor/time contributions such as the organizing of fundraising parties, concerts and talks and are fully equipped to provide a thorough presentation of the project as part of the event.
c. Email this website address to your colleagues, friends and family with a quick note about why they should take a moment to look it over. Ask them if they have any ideas about places (universities, companies, civic organizations) where we can organize a presentation.
d. Email us your innovative ideas.

3. Support organizations that are working to meet the needs of those directly affected by the remnants of war. Here are our suggestions for organizations that are doing long-term quality work, in a consistent and intelligent fashion in Cambodia and/or Vietnam:
a. The Halo Trust (http://www.thehalotrust.org/).
b. HI-B (Handicap International-Belgium - http://www.handicapinternational.be/).
c. CPI (Clear Path International - http://www.cpi.org).
d. NPA (Norweigan People's Aid - http://www.npaid.org).
e. MAG (Mines Advisory Group - http://www.magclearsmines.org).